There's Waldo - Stand Out. Be Found. Increase ROI.

There's Waldo

Stand Out. Be Found. Increase ROI.

There’s Waldo is a digital marketing systems-as-a-service and software company headquartered in beautiful Utah Valley. We help small businesses stand out, be found, and increase ROI. Our proprietary CX (Customer Experience) app combines many powerful business management tools into one unified interface for small business owners to Grow, Nurture, Prosper, and Thrive online.


Stand Out.

What makes your business unique? Do you have ideas on how to expand your reach, but just don’t know where to start? Do you have experience, talents, and knowledge that you want to share with others? I will help you define and execute on your plans to stand out from your competition.

Social Media Optimization, Video Production, Online Course & eBook Creation, and more.

Be Found.

Is the traffic share on your website low? Are your conversions not what you wish they were? Do you need someone to help boost the visibility and findability of your website to take it to the next level? I will help you identify and implement the best optimization strategies to get your business found.

Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEM, Paid Ads, Demand Generation, and more.

Increase ROI.

Is your business doing well, but your online return on investment is lacking? Are you losing traffic and sales to your competitors? Do you wish to expand your reach from local patrons to a worldwide audience? I will help you explode your online conversions and maximize your ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization, Strategic Marketing, ABM, B2C, B2B, and more.

What people say:

I highly recommend Scott. He is bright, diligent, creative and hard working... Perhaps what I valued most in Scott is that he is self-managing. Just convey to him what he needs to accomplish and give him room to make it happen. His solutions will be innovative, but solid. He takes pride in his work. He is financially responsible and will operate to budget.

― Rob A.

Scott always had brilliant ideas and sensible recommendations. He set realistic deadlines for his projects: he would complete projects quickly, but knew how to set goals that would ensure his projects met the highest standards of quality. He communicated problems and expectations in a constructive manner, and was always striving to improve the user experience. He was approachable and created a friendly and productive atmosphere.

― Laura B.

What I have grown to appreciate and respect the most about Scott is his dedication to the success of the items he is responsible for. He demonstrates diligence in completing assignments and works to verify that the value he is generating meets customer requirements. It is a great asset for a developer and marketer to be so customer-centric in their thinking and their creation.

― Curtis T.

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